Xenogears Back Story

Xenogears Perfect Works

Much of Xenogears' plot and backstory is detailed in the Japanese-only book Xenogears Perfect Works. This book, part of the Perfect Works collection, produced by the now defunct DigiCube, details the history of the Xenogears universe from the discovery of the Zohar to the start of the game. For the avid Xenogears fans, an important aspect of the book is the explanation of the six episodes that make up the Xenogears saga. According to the Perfect Works schematic, Xenogears is only the fifth episode in a series of six, with the first four providing the backstory for the events that took place in Xenogears.

[edit] Backstory of Xenogears Episode I Mankind finds a mysterious relic in 2001. It is dated to be 15 billion years old. Some people believe that this relic is the source of all life. It is named the Zohar (Hebrew for splendor/radiance).

In 2510 mankind discovers the universe of the Wave Existence using the Zohar. The era is renamed to Transcend Christ (TC). Also during this year the Space Emigration Project commenced.

After creating the Zohar Modifier, mankind uses their universal transport to leave Earth. The emigration fleet wanders the universe for 250 years before finding a new home at the M24 Sagittarius star cluster. This new planet is named 'Neo Jerusalem'. Earth is now inaccessible and is renamed 'Lost Jerusalem'.

In the year 4766 TC, the Deus System, a powerful weapon, is created to stop an interstellar war. The Zohar was installed as its main engine. The combination of the Deus system and Zohar resulted in the descent of the higher level being known as the Wave Existence. The system went haywire and caused extreme damage to the planet it was based on, Miktam 04 Beta. After this it was determined that the Deus system must be dismantled and sealed. The military dismantles the Deus system and commandeers the transport ship Eldridge, using it to transport Deus and safeguard 120 million workers, survivors, and colonists.

Midway through the voyage, Deus unexpectedly awakes. It uses the Zohar to hack into the Eldridge's main computer, the Artificial Electronic Brain Raziel. Deus takes control of the ship's weapons and changes the Ship's course to Lost Jerusalem. The Captain of the Eldridge orders the evacuation of the ship, but Deus destroys the evacuation shuttles with the ship's weapons. The captain activates the self-destruct system, causing the ship to crash into the nearby planet. Deus and the Zohar both crash into the ocean. The recovery console of the Deus system, Kadamony, lands on the coastline of a nearby continent.

Episode II The Kadamony central system, Persona, uses Program Elehaym and starts System Hawwa. This results in the creation of Cain and the 12 Gazels. Kadamony also creates Elehaym and Miang to be supervisors. The 4 year old boy Abel was discovered to have survived the crash, having contacted the Wave Existence and been granted great power. Cain uses the Kadamony to mass produce humans. The New Era (NE) begins. The new humans begin to worship Cain as a god, but Abel opposes this. Elehaym sides with Abel, and both are killed by Cain. Miang becomes the sole supervisor.

Episode III In the 6 millennia since the start of the New Era, mankind has developed a highly technical civilization. This time period is called the Zeboim Era. In 6053 twin Miang were born. In 6055 Kim, the new incarnation of Abel, and Elehaym are born. Twenty-two years later, Kim develops a theory on a way to create artificial life through nano-machines. This is considered heresy and Kim is banished from the Department of Science of the College Federation. At the same time, Miang has determined that the current generation of humans is not fit to be part of Deus. She begins laying the foundation for a nuclear war, hiding her true intentions to reset the human race in hopes that the next incarnation of humans will be more acceptable for Deus.

Miang and the anti-government organization Ravine convince Kim to create Emeralda, a living nano-machine colony. One year after the creation of Emeralda, in the year 6083, Miang causes a global nuclear war, resulting in the death of 90% of humanity.

Episode IV In the year 9226, Cain determines that humans have reached their final stage. He forms Solaris, with the intention of ruling all humans. The floating city of Shevat is created at the top of Babel Tower at the same time. Lacan, a reincarnation of Abel, and Elehaym are reborn. They meet when Elehaym joins the Ashera Monastery, part of the Nisan Religion. Elehaym changes her name to Sophia.

In 9490 the Nisan church collapses. It is revitalized 5 years later when Sophia becomes the Great Mother. Krelian is sent from the Nimrod kingdom to assassinate Sophia, but ends up becoming a friend of Lacan and her. With Sophia leading the Nisan church, the new Nisan Cathedral is built, and Nisan's military is formed, with Krelian in command.

A year later a group of anti-Solaris countries join with Shevat and declare war on Solaris. In 9499 Nisan forms an anti-Solaris alliance with Shevat and its allies. Solaris is raised to the sky and the soylent system is started. Lacan starts to search for Anima Relics, the organic components of the Kadamony control system. In his search he learns of the Zohar.

The Shevat council holds a meeting with the Gazel Ministry. The Elders of Shevat agree to give up Sophia in exchange for being given Miang, who started the war. Sophia learns of this, and sacrifices her life to attempt to destroy the great Solaris mothership, Merkava, which was built to house the Deus system.

In 9501 Roni Fatima discovers four warships from the Eldridge and repairs them, renaming them the Yggdrasil I-IV. In the same year, Lacan releases Miang from Shevat, and finds the Zohar, but his Contact is incomplete, resulting in the creation of the being Grahf. Grahf uses the Deus Prototype Maneuverable Terminal Weapons(Diablos) to destroy 96% of humanity, as well as the Gazel Ministry. Led by Roni Fatima, the remaining people band together to fight Grahf. They succeed, but Roni's brother is killed in the battle. Lacan/Grahf's whereabouts become unknown.

In the next 130 years the countries of the world rebuilt. Shevat is revived by Zephyr and the 3 Wisemen, Roni Fatima founds Aveh, and Kislev is founded. Also during this time period Krelian revives the Gazel Ministry by implanting them into the SOL-9000 computer system. Also during this time Lacan's body dies, but his spirit lived on in the form of Grahf. In 9511 Krelian visits Shevat and gives a long-life treatment to several people, including queen Zephyr.

In 9698 Solaris begins its first unsuccessful invasion of Shevat, and Krelian starts to implant all ground dwellers with Nano machines called limiters. These limiters prevented the 'lambs' from having rebellious thoughts about Solaris. 3 Years later Solaris again attempts to invade Shevat.

Episode V In 9715 the Kingdom of Aveh declares war on Kislev, starting the Ignas War.

In 9975 Krelian creates a copy of Emperor Cain, called 080819 Ramses. Fei, another reincarnation of Abel, and Elehaym (Elly) are born in 9981.

In 9985 Fei's mother, Karen, becomes Miang and realizes that Fei is a Contact, someone touched by the Wave Existence. Karen forces Fei to undergo extensive testing. Fei's power kills Karen, and Miang is forced to go to a new body. Due to these events and the traumatic tests, 'Id' is born in Fei. Krelian gives up on Ramsus and disposes of him. Ramsus kills a Solaris citizen, steals his identity, and joins the Solaris elite military school, Jugend. Hyuga Ricdeau (Citan) and Sigurd Fatima also join Jugend.

The Solaris elite force Elements is formed in 9986, led by Ramsus. It is made up of Citan, Sigurd, Jessie, and the current Miang. In 9987 there is a coup d'état in Aveh, led by Shakhan. Bart and Margie Fatima are able to escape.

In 9996 Khan, Fei's father and Grahf fight over Fei. The injured, amnesiatic Fei is brought to Lahan. Cain sends Hyuga to the surface under the name Citan Uzuki and this is where the original Xenogears game begins 3 years later.