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The Legend of Mana (PS 1)

A few years into the life of the PlayStation, Square suddenly remembered all the great 16-bit franchises it had lying around the office. "Maybe we shouldn't let these flounder," thought one of Square's brighter executives, and several design teams were quickly assigned to resurrect old glories. Legend of Mana is the follow-up to Square's popular Seiken Densetsu series, released in the US as Final Fantasy Adventure and Secret of Mana.

The world of Fa'Diel is a formless mass. It is up to you to create the world, using artifacts that are spread throughout the world. At the beginning of the game, the player must choose a female or male character, a starting weapon, and place to start. Once in the starting area, the player will be able to complete a small quest and find more artifacts. With that done, the new artifacts can be placed on the map to create new areas that have their own unique mini-quests. There is a total of 60 quests and artifacts to discover. The best way to think of all of the stories is to consider them the songs on a record. Individually, they are great; however, when combined they make up something much larger. The world of Fa'Diel will become what you make it in LEGEND OF MANA. mastery of presentation, Legend of Mana never delivers the level of gameplay needed to match its classic predecessors.

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